DOPPELGANGER Sequel - Day 1 filming begins


Some pictures of the first day filming of the DOPPELGÄNGER sequel. Some scenes shoot on this day will be part of the teaser 2, available soon. Stay tuned on this Production Diary for more sneak peaks and curiosity inherent in the production and the film.

doppelganger backstage day1 clelia cicero

Clelia Cicero playing Anna Persico on DOPPELGÄNGER Sequel

doppelganger backstage day1 luca vitali ennio cicero

 Luca Vitali, Head of Camera Department and Script Supervisor Ennio Cicero

doppelganger backstage day1 luca vitali gian guido zurli sony a7s gimbal

 Head of Camera Department Luca Vitali using a gimbal with a Sony A7s

doppelganger backstage day1 crew

 The crew of DOPPELGÄNGER reviewing a take

doppelganger backstage day1 gian guido zurli sony a7s clapperboard

Director Gian Guido Zurli and Director of Photography Andrea Ampollini shooting with Sony A7s on the set of DOPPELGÄNGER Sequel