Books and Movies that inspired DOPPELGANGER: Il Segno del Comando

 il segno del comando



Was 1971, when the RAI (the Italian televison) aired a drama entitled “Il Segno del Comando” (The Sign of the Command), based on the novel by Giuseppe D'Agata. It was an epochal product for Italian television, a mystery/drama set in Rome, where an English writer, played by Ugo Pagliai, is faced with the ghost of the beautiful Lucia (Carla Gravina), with his incarnations through the ages and with a mysterious secret society that wants to get hold The Sign of the Command. 

The television series is entirely in black and white, certainly not for a choice of style, but by necessity: the color television arrived in Italy in 1977 (one of the last countries in the world). Who knows how it would look with a colorful photography like “Kill Baby, Kill” by Mario Bava or “Suspiria” by Dario Argento.

Unfortunately, to our knowledge, both the novel and the TV series have never been translated into English. We recommend to fans of the genre, anyway, to look at some scenes of this television series available on YouTube.