DOPPELGANGER Sequel - Day 2 filmmaking

Some pictures of the second day filming of the DOPPELGÄNGER sequel. We've filmed again Clelia Cicero playing Anna Persico in her appartment. What's happening again? Why she's holding the red box? Stay tuned on this Production Diary for more sneak peaks and curiosity inherent in the production and the film.

doppelganger backstage clapperboard

Another take for DOPPELGÄNGER Sequel

doppelganger backstage bathroom scene

Director Gian Guido Zurli filming DOPPELGÄNGER sequel

doppelganger backstage zurli perugini

Federico Perugini and director Gian Guido Zurli filming inside the Anna Persico's bathroom

doppelganger backstage perugini

Federico Perugini with Sony A7s camera

doppelganger backstage sony a7s

Sony A7s camera filming in extreme low light conditions at 40.000 ISO

doppelganger backstage zurli cicero

Gian Guido Zurli and Clelia Cicero reviewing a take

doppelganger backstage cicero zurli perugini

Why Anna is holding the red box?