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The Plot

22nd of july 2017, at first light.
Anna Persico awakes and find a red box near her bed.
Inside, just a note with incomprehensible symbols. From that moment, her life totally changes.
Few moments later Anna's phone rings: it's a friend asking help.
Just few and upset words asking Anna reaching her in a forsaken mansion in the nearby before the phone line breaks.
At the same time, on 15th october 1817, police commissioner Fosco Oleari investigates on suicide of Vittoria Clementi, a girl who looks just alike Anna.
On the crime scene there are also a cane and a gown soiled of blood. Local doctor's wife is missing from the day before.
What will the past set aside?


  • Clelia Cicero

    Clelia Cicero

    Anna Persico/Vittoria Clementi

    Clelia Cicero was born in Parma.
    She is a professional actress and singer. She graduated in Imaging, Music, Media and Performance from the University of Parma. In 2007, she obtained a diploma of actress of theatre from the “Alessandra Galante Garrone School of Theatre”. Immediately after, she had her first experience on stage as a touring actress in numerous performances in Italy. In 2008, she was selected by the “New Talent Competition” sponsored by RAI (Italian National Radio and Televison ) and participated in several RAI programs including the sit com “Piloti”. From 2009, she was contracted in Rome by the Kitchen Company of Eleonora D’Urso and Massimo Chiesa to appear in “The Kitchen” by Wesker. In 2011, she was selected by the renown Argentinian director César Brie as a part of the cast of “Karamazov” (winning Premio Teatro Del Mundo 2013 as the best foreign play in Argentina and was nominated for the Premio Ubu 2012 for the best direction in Italy ). In addition, in 2013, she debuted in the lead role in “La Mite” also directed by César Brie. With these two productions, she toured Italy and Argentina. With him and her colleagues, she founded the theatre company Teatro Presente. She has been cast as an actress in several independent films such as: “Orlando & Company” by Alberto Rizzi and “Come in Terra così in Cielo” by Christian Spaggiari. She has a solo career as a singer in an acoustic duo entitled “Premiere Etude sur Piaf”. The success of which has taken her to tour it from 2012 in USA, Argentina, France and Switzerland.

  • Stefano Torselli

    Stefano Torselli

    Commissario Fosco Oleari

    Stefano Torselli grows in Piacenza, and is involved in web communication.
    He is a professor and adviser active in the area of web technology and web marketing like SEO expert.
    For several years now realizes theatrical and cultural projects dedicated to the culture of the Baroque and Gothic directing the magazine Online and
    Traveling a lot for Europe on the trail of Bernini, Caravaggio and Giambattista Marino has penetrated deeply into the 'Great Theatre of the World'.
    Outgoing and with versatile skills is fine sharp-tongued satire that is well located in the role of an actor in this first experience.

  • Irene Marone

    Irene Marone

    Marchesa Cornerlia Du Bois

    Passionate about theater since she was attending the lyceum, participates in 1995 to a theater project for schools promoted by the 'INDA (National Institute for Ancient Drama) performing Antigone by Sophocles playing in the beautiful setting of the greek theater of Syracuse. She has a degree in law and she is gradutaed harpsichord at the Accademia Santa Cecilia in Rome, specializes in philology of ancient and baroque music at the Institute of Higher Musical Studies "Claudio Monteverdi" in Cremona, deepening the themes of the performing arts (dance, theater, singing, costumes) during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Since two years, she is responsible for historical and theatrical animation (text writing style, direction and active participation as an actress) for Gareggiare dei convivi della Quintana di Foligno, the most important and impressive historical event in Europe about the first quarter of the seventeenth century. She performs acting, singing and dancing in the concert / show "Caravaggio: lights, shadows, music ', in collaboration with Maestro Franz Silvestri. Since 2010 collaborates with the site and she organized in the most prestigious villas and historical locations in Italy and Europe, animations, and historical re-enactments in costume of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries combining theater, dance, music and practices demonstrations of aristocratic everyday life.

  • Giustiniano Alpi

    Giustiniano Alpi

    Ispettore Augusto Donati

    Giustiniano Alpi is born on June 13, 1990 in Milan. After his studies in Parma, in 2009 he moved to Rome to become an actor. The first approach to acting is Duse International, International Centre of Cinema and Theatre, created by Francesca De Sapio, where he works on the Strasberg/Stanislavskij method. In the same year partecipates in the seminary Action Training Improvisation and Script Analysis directed by Michael Margotta. After these first experiences, in 2011 he arrives on tv in the fiction Benvenuti a tavola directed by Francesco Miccichè, in the role of Iacobazzi and later in the documentary film Con Cuore Puro directed by Lucrezia Le Moli, which broadcasts in RAI. In 2012 takes part in the movie CHA CHA CHA directed by Marco Risi and in the fiction Rosso San Valentino directed by Fabrizio Costa. After that he dubs the animation Racconti della Notte directed by Michel Ocelot and in 2013 partecipates in Non è mai troppo tardi, a fiction directed by Giacomo Campiotti. The simoultaneous work with Francesca De Sapio, brings him at his first experience in theatre and, as Teoclimeno, takes part in the play Penelope in Groznyi, written by Marco Calvani. Giustiniano is also a songwriter and since 2004 he plays with his band Erezione Continua. After many gigs and festivals, joining the scene with bands such as Bad Manners, Statuto and many others famous bands from the italian underground scene, Paolo Genovese, in 2013, contacts Erezione Continua to include their song Two Lovers (the Lost Fever) in the soundtrack of his movie Tutta colpa di Freud. He is currently studying at the School of Cinematic Arts Gian Maria Volonté in Rome.

  • Irene Valenti

    Irene Valenti

    Sara Neri

    Irene Valenti was born in Parma in 1989. Since her childhood she has always shown a strong inclination towards the arts and since she was 8 has participated with the school workshops and theater performances at the Teatro della Briciole. After the first theatrical experiences she approached the world of writing and screenplay frequenting "Bottega Finzioni", a writing school by Carlo Lucarelli, and participating in a workshop with writer Michael Pellegrini. In 2013 she studied film acting in New York at the New York Film Academy and in 2014 she returned to Italy to frequent "Accademia Artisti" in Rome. Currently works in Parma and follows the theater courses at the Teatro del Cerchio.

  • Mattia Toscani

    Mattia Toscani

    Francesco Dotti

    Mattia Toscani was born in Parma in 1961, lives in Parma, where he is a professor at the Technical Institute for Surveyors "Rondani" of Parma.
    He’s graduated in Agricultural Science and Philosophy, former Professor of Sociology of Cultural Processes at the Faculty of Psychology, University of Parma, he’s also Drama Therapy operator of the theatrical and theater-company Teatro Civico Not present.
    He has published several books of nonfiction and two novels: Strange tales of everyday implications (Or publisher, 2004) and the novel The memory foam (Montag, 2010).

  • Sara Fiorni

    Sara Fiorni

    Angela Bobbio / Ragazza Misteriosa

    Sara Fiorini was born in Reggio Emilia in 1983, the city where she lives and works as a psychologist at the Association "Casina dei Bimbi" Onlus in contact with children and adolescents hospitalized and chronically ill. She participated for five years in various laboratories Teatroterapia directed by Mattia Toscani, participating in various transitions in Nature and from eight years she take part in REgospelCORO (directed by Navid Mirzadeh), important reality in Reggio Emilia and known for particular methods and introspective knowledge used in entering into contact with the songs and gospel spirituals, in order to have a deepest knowledge of themselves.

  • Lara Bossi

    Lara Bossi

    Lara Bossi, theater and film actress, she graduated in 2012 in Cultural Heritage (curriculum "Cinema, Theatre, Video and Rituals") at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan. She also attended the Scuola di Teatro at Quelli di Grock and she is currently ending the Academic Course Training for Acting at Campo Teatrale. In 2013 she participated in seminars by Danio Manfredini and Antonio Latella, and she participated for a week in an intensive workshop with a final exhibition opens to the public, under the direction of Cesar Brie. She is specialized in Theatrical Biomechanics. In 2012 she was curator of the exhibition "Il Proscenio del Tempo" at the Gallery Barbara Frigerio Contemporary Art in Milan. After a year staying in Sydney (NSW, Australia) has acquired an excellent command of the English language, and due to this she has worked as a hostess and translator at the MIA e D (Milan International Art e Design Fair) in Singapore for the photographer Maurizio Galimberti, in 2014. As movie actress has starred in "Love you Krishna" (released in 2015) a film directed by Stanley Joseph, with Gil Ben-Moshe, Zenia Starr and Romin Khan (Indian and Australian production); to "Space Truckin '" directed by Giorgio Magaro (2011-2012); in short films in collaboration with web IPantellas; the ten-part web series "A Shooting Vice", directed by Innovazione2. As theater actress she read at the Wonderland Festival for the NDN project, curated by Gabriele Vacis in 2013. She also participated at the realization of some theatrical shows such as "Grover's Corners"; "6 Gradi" and "Oceanomare" directed by Roberta Mandelli with La Compagnia degli Equilibristi. In 2014 she participated in the show “Anime al Diavolo" directed by Alessandro Sgamma at the Teatro Libero of Milan and “Sognando Parigi", as assistant director.

  • Luca Ferrari

    Luca Ferrari


    Luca Ferrari was born in Parma in 1975, he graduated at the Technical Institute for Surveyors and he has subsequently graduated in Law at the University of Parma.
    He is currently employed in a company's municipality that deals with sustainable mobility.
    He is an especially passionate of historical reenactment on the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


  • Gian Guido Zurli

    Gian Guido Zurli

    Producer, Director, Writer, Editor, Sound Designer

    Gian Guido Zurli was born in Parma in 1977. Video editor, filmmaker and photographer specialized in architecture, industrial and movies for the web. Writes and publishes guides about photography and video, including Final Cut Pro X, Motion and DaVinci Resolve for Edizioni LSWR. He teach courses about photography and digital video for professionals and enthusiasts, and using the iPad and iMovie for journalist at Rizzoli - Corriere della Sera. He has published numerous training videos for the website (including Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Motion and Final Cut Pro X). His photographic works have been exhibited in New York at the School of Visual Arts, the Festival of European Photography of Reggio Emilia, in Milan at the Galleria Barbara Frigerio, at the Impossible Project Space in Vienna and New York. Some of his photos are part of the Impossible Collection (former Polaroid Collection).

  • Andrea Ampollini

    Andrea Ampollini

    Director of Photography, VFX, Sound Designer

    Andrea Ampollini was born in Parma in 1983. Graduated in 2001 from the Liceo Scientifico G. Marconi di Parma, he studied Theatre and Film at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Parma. Always passionate about cinema, studying Fellini, Bergman and Kubrick, he’s passionate about the films of Fulci and Bava. During his studies he make experience with Federico Attilio Perugini, collaborating on short films and music videos. After a few years as a freelance photographer he opened a photographic studio and started working as director of photography with Gian Guido Zurli

  • Luca Vitali

    Luca Vitali

    Camera, Steadycam operator

    Luca Vitali, graduated in acting and theater direction at the International School of Theatre “Circo a Vapore” in Rome, decided to exploit his studies as tv presenter and director for television and business events. He has created numerous web tv themes dedicated to companies and their specific needs. Author, videographer and director of numerous TV format. He has lent his voice to radio programs, commercials and dubbings. He specialized through seminars in (video) footage with steadycam.

  • Mimmo d'Ippolito

    Mimmo d'Ippolito

    Composer, soundtrack

    Mimmo D'ippolito was born in Brindisi in 1982. He’s an independent italian musician (Keyboards/Piano), composer, self producer based in Carovigno (BR) - Puglia (Italy). His Compositions ranges from Electronic, Ambient, Cinematic sounds, Modern - Post Classical stuffs. His music was in rotation in different web and terrestrial radios, podcasts, indie compilations, collaborations with some independent and underground labels, Videomakers, Filmakers. Mimmo D’ippolito have a classical background studies (piano, Composition and Theory), he studied with different teachers and played in different underground projects, but most of all he’s dedicate from different years to compose, produce and promote his self music compositions, and research of different sounds and music styles.

  • Viola Alpi

    Viola Alpi

    Script Supervisor

    Born in Reggio Emilia, in 1980. She graduated in Artistic Heritage of Theater, Cinema and New media. During the university she works as walk-on in some operas at Teatro Regio in Parma. Lover of music and performances, she worked in the External Relations for the Hospitality Office during the first edition of the Festival Verdi. Grown up in a profoundly creative family, she developed a strong interest in the study of the image, both in the field of painting and in the field of costume. Her collaborations as assistant costume designer, make-up and hair designer in commercials and independent short films are many. Assiduous reader and scholar of modern and contemporary literature, as well as a talented drawer and painter, she has found a close relationship with the language of images of the world of cinema.

  • Federico Perugini

    Federico Perugini

    Cinematographer, Lighting, Camera Operator

    Federico Attilio Perugini was born in Montecchio Emilia (RE) in 1986. He graduated from the high school of music A.Boito in Parma. Ending his musical path, he decides to follow his passion for cinema, born during the years of high school. He studied film and television directing at the Accademia Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione of Bologna and then moved to Rome where he specialized as a camera operator and director of photography. Over the years he participated, between Rome and Emilia Romagna, as a DOP in several music videos and independent films, he creates and collaborates actively in the cultural association “Le Rane - Balzi tra le arti sceniche" that aims to promulgate the theater and the film for all ages. "Photography for cinema is a creed, a construction of light spots, empty and full. that return an emotion. The thought is always addressed to the audience, because it's to him that we owe everything. Just like the brush of Caravaggio or the pencil of Andrea Pazienza, light is the soul of the world. "

  • Stefano Vaja

    Stefano Vaja

    Camera Department

    Photographer and video maker, he also work in theater, social reportage and ethno musicological research. Following the musical tradition of Lucania, together with ethnomusicologist Nicola Scaldaferri published books such as The land of cupa cupas (Squilibri, 2005, ANCI prize), Saints, Animals, and Sound (Nota, 2006) in collaboration with the American anthropologist Steven Feld, and The sounds of the tree (Nota, 2012) which is going to be republished in the United States.
He was photographer in more than three hundred theatrical performances. Since the last fifteen years he is photographer for Compagnia della Fortezza, for the Festival of Volterratheatre and for the Theatre of Ariette. He collaborates in the website I Fiori Del Male in the column of comedian video interviews.

  • Amelia Barone

    Amelia Barone

    Costume Designer

    Embroiderer with a passion for the antiques, she attended the school of fashion in Florence, specializing in recovery and restoration of historical costumes. In her creations she loves matching colors and materials of different nature to create artifacts of particular value and originality. 
She collaborated in the realization of the collection, taking care the embroidery decorations of some clothes. She organizes and participates in numerous costume events.

  • Silvia Scala

    Silvia Scala

    Make Up Department / Special Effects Make Up

    Silvia Scala was born in Parma on the 20th August 1989. In 2003, when she was 14, makes contact with the world of the dance and she starts to study Jazz dance. In the meanwhile, she attends the Agricultural school of her city. Along with her love for dancing, Silvia also grows a passion for make-up, which she began to experiment on herself and her friends, and in March 2012, she decided to turn her passion into something more. So she started the course of professional make-up and make-up artist at the Film Academy of Bologna, working with professional teachers such as Manlio Rocchetti, Laura Borzelli and Mario Michisanti. After graduating with Honors, Silvia starts to work as a make-up artist, collecting experience and getting positive opinions, putting on brides and models make up during professional photo shoot and fashion shows.

  • Emanuela Benso

    Emanuela Benso

    Make Up Department / Make Up Artist

    Emanuela Benso born in Lodi in May 18, 1985, she is passionate of art since her childhood, from her first performances in school to the real workshops in theater where she built sets for shows; she used to spend her spare time going to the cinema, to the theater and to exhibitions but it's thanks to TV series and movies, which can be considered the must-haves in special effects, that she decided to take this path. After graduating in Cultural Heritage, specialising in history and conservation of theater, film and television heritage at the University of Milan, she decided to continue her studies pursuing her passion, grown wiser over the years, achieving artistic experiences with special effects professors, firstly in Milan with the make-up artist Laura Laciniati and later with the great Sergio Stivaletti in Rome. During the courses, in addition to Fx, she learns how to make-up for theater, photography, film and television. She starts to work in various events such as fashion shows, weddings, exhibitions, theme nights, short films, feature films, commercials, music videos and thus getting experience in sets and photo shoots for fashion agencies. She collaborates as freelancer, currently living in Lodi but she is available to work both in Italy and abroad.


Lenght: 58 minutes

Color, HD 1920x1080

Aspect Ratio 1.85:1

Italian language with optional English subtitles

Sound stereo